My Father's House Ministry has begun a workshop exploring the worship experience.  The workshop began Tuesday, 10/12/2010, and will run for 6 weeks, Tuesday nights only, at 6:30pm.  This page will have updates and communications from the classroom.  

Homework this week

Read "Introduction to study" and week 1 pages 10-19 of Experiencing Worship.

Complete each exercise in week one of the study by answering all questions.

Write at least one paragraph describing in your own words what you feel worship is all about and what you are expecting from this course.  What biblical scriptures can you find to support your thoughts?

Contact the ministry development team with any questions you may have relating to the course, or My Father's House Ministry.Click on the links below to email the ministry team member of your choice.

Bishop Melvin Brown Senior Pastor and Founder of MFHM and Facilitator of this course.

Deacon L. Ron Pringle, Musician

Evangelist DeJona "DJ" Navarre, Youth Minister/Women's Ministry

Evangelist Alicia R Parks, DOVE Ministries

Felecia Brown, Youth Choir Director

If you have not already registered for this course, please follow the link below for registration procedures.


Enter the Chat Room below to chat live with other class members and Ministry Leaders.

Use the online forum below to post questions and comments to discuss with other class members or receive answers from the workshop facilitator and ministry development team.

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