This section is going to be filled with testimonies we receive from people who's lives were touched by My Father's House Ministry.  I, Latonia Smith, web author of this site, am going to begin with my own testimony.  My Father's House Ministry has touched my life in such a special way.  I came to the ministry at a time in my life when I was very discouraged.  I was without a church home.  I was away from a church I dearly loved due to a physical move, and another church family due to a spiritual difference.  I was weak in my Spirit.  And I knew the Lord would not have me to be out of church.  But I was a little nervous about going to an unfamiliar church.  Would I be welcomed? I was riding down the road, contemplating where I could go and God spoke to my spirit, assuring me I was always welcome in His house.  I stopped at the traffic light and looked up to see a sign (traffic sign that is) that said "My Father's House". 

I rode through the parking lot and took down the hours of service and came into the church on a Wednesday night Bible enhancement class.  I came back the next two weeks and then the following Sunday.  It was then that I asked to join the church.  And since that time, I cannot tell you how much it has meant to me.  I really feel free here to express myself and to worship God in Spirit and in Truth.  I know that someone will always be there to listen to me, pray with me and help me.  I have several new Mother's, Father's, mentors and friends. 

When my brother was hospitalized, several people called, offered to visit him, prayed for him. (and he is not a member)  I cannot tell you what that meant to my family.

I have never felt more welcome, more loved or more appreciated.  I truly am welcome in MY FATHER'S HOUSE!!!!